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13 December 2009 @ 12:44 pm
Letters Post 14  
hey there, we've got two letters this week,

I have a fear of dancing. I know it sounds stupid, but I get really freaked out at the thought of dancing in front of people. I'm an all right dancer (not great, but ok) when it's just me at home, cooking or cleaning, but whenever I go to a party, I just end up sitting watching other people dancing and having a good time. I've rejected guys I've liked when they've asked me to dance because I'm so scared of what I might look like. It's really frustrating cause I feel like I'm missing out. Can anyone help me?

What present do you get for someone who has no time for anything and who is unbearably fussy and selfless? I can't get her clothes because she thinks she looks fat in them, I can't get her a CD because she'll never have the time to listen to it and I can't get her a voucher because she'll use it on someone else. I know answering a question like this requires some knowledge of what that person is into, but I know her probably better than she knows herself and I still don't know what to get her for xmas.