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26 June 2009 @ 11:26 pm

What is cradlesongs?
cradlesongs is a community designed to facilitate users of LiveJournal to give and receive support and advice completely anonymously. Some problems we just don't want to say out loud, to people we know, or to have traced back to us. This is your way of breaking through those barriers. Sometimes we need some impartial, varied advice from someone who doesn't know us. This is your way of seeking that advice.
How do I join cradlesongs?
Membership is closed, but you don't have to be a member to view the posts or submit letters and comments. Simply "watch" the community to enjoy all the benefits of cradlesongs.

How can I share a problem with the community?
Look out for our weekly submissions post, which will be opened every Sunday. In here, you have two different ways you may share your problem: by text only, or in picture form. 

Text-only problems
In the comments section, here you can anonymously leave a letter of no more than 250 words, detailing your problem. It should look somewhat like this:

Picture problems
Problems you want to share using graphics must be no longer than 100 words. The picture itself must not exceed 500x400 pixels (width and height respectively). We also ask that you submit a text-only version of your problem along with the picture, to easily enable us to check the word count of your letter. If your letter exceeds 100 words but is still 250 words or less, your letter will still be posted in text form. Do not upload your picture through Photobucket; we recommend image hosting sites like Tinypic or Imageshack. When you upload your image, you should see something like this:

Select "Direct Link for Layouts" and post this link, along with the text-only version of your letter, to the week's submissions post. Your comment should look something like this:

While we accept any kind of problem you might have, if you are submitting a picture, we will not accept pornographic images or those we deem to be indecent.

All comments made to the submissions post will be screened, which means that no one will be able to see them except the moderators of the community.

How will I receive advice?
All letters and pictures submitted to the submissions post will be rounded up by one of the moderators, and collectively posted to the community, in a letters post. This will happen every Sunday. Anyone will then be able to respond to your letter in the comments sections. Responses do not have to be anonymous, but the option is available to those who wish to take it.

What kind of problems do you accept?
Any! Whether it be a physical issue or an emotional issue, to do with relationships or with self-esteem. Just make sure it's no longer than 250 words long, or no more than 100 words if you're opting to post your problem on top of a picture. You can check the word length in programs like Microsoft Office Word, or use an internet source like this one.

How are you different from post secret communities, like ljsecret?
Problems are not always secrets, and secrets are not always problems. We are focusing on giving advice to people who submit letters to the community; therefore, comments like "LOL" and "Aww, I'm so happy for you", that are regular occurences in post secret communities, are not expected to be regular occurences here.

Are you qualified counsellors?
Not at all. We're just people, like you, who have been places, met people, seen stuff, and experienced our own problems. There's a chance there will be members of the community qualified to dish out certain kinds of advice, but please, do not make any assumptions whatsoever. Do not take the advice given to you in this community as fact. You are responsible for the decisions you make in your life; this community is simply a means of guidance and support. If you require professional advice, please seek just that: a professional.

What happens if my letter doesn't get any responses?
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that all letters will be responded to. We are willing to offer advice ourselves where we feel we may have something relevant to say, but some problems ask tougher questions than others. Of course, the more members the community has, the more likely it will be that someone with some relevant advice will be around to read your problem. So please, tell as many people as you can about the community.

My letter hasn't been posted in the letters post. Why?
It may have violated one or more of the rules, which can be found in the community profile. Please check these carefully. If you feel it hasn't violated any of the rules, it could just be a mistake on our end. Hey, we are only human. Please contact one of the moderators if you feel this has been the case.

I want to complain about another user. How do I do this?
First of all, please try to decide as objectively as possible, if your problem with another user is due to their inflammatory behaviour, or just a differences of opinion. If you truly feel it is the former, and they are being threatening, disrespectful or discriminatory in any way, please contact one of the moderators. It will then be up to us what action is taken against this member.