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A safe place to seek and offer advice anonymously.

cradlesongs is the number one place on LJ to seek advice anonymously. How it works is simple: if you have a problem that you’re not comfortable confiding in a friend, a family member or anyone else, write it down in no more than 250 words, then post it anonymously to one of our weekly submissions posts. Every week, we will create a letters post – a post with all your letters collected together – and you the members will be able to read these and respond to one another’s issues.

We are now also accepting letters in the form of graphics. For these, the word limit is 100, and you must also provide a text-only version of your letter in your comment, along with the picture. This is to allow us to check the word count, and will also mean that if you go over the word limit, your letter can still be posted in text form (provided it doesn't go over 250 words).

Submissions Posts:
Submissions posts will opened on a Sunday following the previous week's letters post, and close the following Sunday. Comments will be screened, and IP addresses will not be logged. Only submit your letters anonymously. Those submitted with a signature or from an identifiable account will not be posted.

Letters Posts:
Letters posts will be made every Sunday. The letters collected during the week will be posted, and comments will be opened for members to submit responses. These comments will not be screened, and IP addresses will not be logged. You may comment anonymously if you wish. We as moderators and maintainers may leave our own responses at times, though a response will not always be guaranteed.

cradlesongs is a new community, and therefore is still in development. We hope that the community will expand, and as it brings in more members, both submissions posts and problems posts will be made more frequent. So tell your friends about cradlesongs, because the more members, the further the community can grow.

* All letters submitted during a submissions post must be made anonymously. Otherwise, your letter will not be posted. Likewise, do not sign your letter.
* Letters must be no longer than 250 words.
* The text on graphics must be no longer that 100 words.
* Your graphics must be no larger than 500x400 pixels (width and height respectively).
* Do not upload your images to Photobucket; we recommend Tinypic or Imageshack.
* Do not submit pornographic images. They will not be posted.
* If you are posting your letter in picture form, we ask that you also submit a text-only version of the letter along with the picture. Please put both the picture and the text in the same comment.
* Your pictures must not be watermarked.
* Be considerate in your responses. Our views aren't all going to be a mirror image of one another, so respect that as best as you can.
* Do not mention other users by username in your letters. Respect other people's privacy as well as your own.
* If you are submitting more than one letter, do this in separate comments. Comments received which include more than one letter will not be posted.
* Be genuine. Don't waste people's time with fake problems.
* Tell your friends about cradlesongs!

We are not certified therapists or counsellors, and the chances are, neither will the majority of our members be. Any of the advice given will merely be advice, and is not to be taken as fact.

If you would like to be affiliated, leave us a comment here.

To join the community, select "Watch" at the top of the page.
Please see our FAQs page for further information.
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